With love and humble beginnings in Whistler…..

An Aussie girl who grew up surfing the waves of Newcastle, Australia went on a school ski trip to “the snow” and fell in love with snowboarding. Year after year she went on her winter pilgrimage with her mates down to the Aussie Ski Fields BUT she yearned for the Mountains, and the biggest and best mountain she had heard of was Whistler…

Arriving in Whistler, she was instantly in awe and fell in love with the mountains, the village, and the lifestyle…why not stay another season? She knew she would miss her family and her friends, but surprisingly didn’t realize how much she would miss another staple in her life……THE AUSSIE MEAT PIE!

A Canadian boy had grown up on Vancouver Island. Every winter his family made their pilgrimage to Whistler. As soon as he was old enough to leave the nest, Canadian boy moved to Whistler permanently and gained the reputation of always being ‘First Up’ on a Powder day. Canadian boy can be seen in the lift line at 4:30am completely amped. He’s known to shred hard, many can’t keep up, but what they didn’t know was this boy could bake!

It was at the pub on a Sunday night, Aussie girl met Canadian boy. Aussie girl longed for a truly Aussie meat pie so Canadian boy baked her one. It was love at first bite!

Hi, we are Kerri and Alex.

We knew we had to create a place for every Aussie to be able to come and get a taste of home and those who had only heard of these amazing things called Meat Pies could try for themselves. We are Peaked Pies. Handmade Australian savoury pies, sweet pies, breakfast pies, Australian style coffees and desserts.

Our pies are baked daily and are all handmade right here in store! We offer a variety of toppings for you to customize and create your own Peaked Pie.

Come in today and try a Peaked Pie at our flagship Whistler store and our new Vancouver store on Denman Street.

-Kerri & Alex