Proudly partnered with boutique coffee roaster Milano and local Whistler Namasthé Tea Co.


Your choice of breakfast pie/quiche served with a Milano coffee or Namasthé Tea.

  • Short Black
    Aussie lingo for espresso shot
  • Long Black
    Espresso over water
  • Flat white
    The Australian coffee of choice; steamed milk and espresso in 8oz cup. Less milk, more flavour.
  • Latte
    Espresso plus frothed steamed milk
  • Cappuccino
    Espresso plus frothed steamed milk and a dusting of chocolate powder
  • Machiatto
    Espresso shot with a teaspoon of milk froth
  • Hot Chocolate
    All hot and chocolatey; topped with whipped cream and chocolate flakes
  • Namasthé Tea
    A selection of organic herbal, black, green and white teas
  • London Fog
    Strong Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and a dash of vanilla
  • Chai Latte
    Black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs coupled with steamed milk