Fall Favorites; Turkey Cranberry & the Pumpkin Pie

If you’ve been craving the festive flavours of fall, then boy, have we got some great news for you…

It’s that time of year when we reintroduce our seasonal favorites; the Turkey Cranberry and the Pumpkin Pie.

That’s right, the wait is finally over!

The Turkey Cranberry

Treating you to the taste of Thanksgiving all season long. This pie boasts a tempting blend of turkey, yams, carrot, sage, thyme topped with a dollop of freshly made cranberry sauce.

The Pumpkin Pie

A delightfully smooth, dense, and gently spiced pumpkin filling with a tender flaky crust. The perfect pairing for your Thanksgiving dinner. Be sure you pick one up for your celebrations.

These tasty limited edition pies will be available until the end of December. Get your hands on them while you can…

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  1. Cambodian
    Cambodian says:

    Usually I’m kind of a stickler for the proper filling-to-topping ratio, but in this case, the topping is meringue. So pile it on, people. The tart starts with traditional pumpkin-pie filling, and then it’s topped with dark chocolate ganache and literally as much stiff-peaked meringue as you can pile on. This is also an opportunity to break out that culinary creme-brulee torch. I suggest making the tart part in advance, then whipping up the meringue before dessert and toasting it with the torch in front of everyone so they can see what a bad-ass cook you really are.


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